Call for abstracts – EXTENDED

Abstract submission template (PDF) (Word)

The FAM2020 Scientific Committee invites the submission of abstracts for poster presentations during the Fertility Africa Meeting 2020. Poster presentations will be e-posters with extensive opportunity for viewing during lunch and tea breaks. All researchers in the field of infertility and reproductive medicine are encouraged to submit their work. Young colleagues are especially welcome to send in abstracts based on research performed as part of their training in clinical reproductive medicine or laboratory reproductive biology.

Please send the completed abstract to KerryF@turnersconferences.co.za. The extended deadline for abstract submission is 20th February 2020. All abstracts will be peer-reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The outcome of the submission and review will be communicated to the primary author by 15th February 2020, along with instructions on e-poster layout. Please note that at least one author of accepted abstracts must be registered to attend the conference.

Instructions to Authors

  1. Abstracts must be typed in English or French, using Arial font (size 12) and single line spacing
  2. The abstract heading must be structured as follows:
    • Abstract title (max 25 words)
    • List of author names and affiliations (presenting author marked with an asterisk [*])
    • Contact details of presenting author (telephone numbers, e-mail address, etc.)
  3. The body of the abstract must not exceed 500 words, should not contain any references and must be structured under the following sub-headings
    • Introduction: stating the aim and primary objective of the study
    • Methods: short description of the study design, setting, size, duration, subjects or materials, and research methodology
    • Results: core findings supported by statistics as appropriate; do not include figures, graphs or tables
    • Limitations: briefly state study limitations and reasons for caution
    • Conclusion: summary and relevance of findings and possible recommendations for practice or future research
    • Funding sources and academic nature of research (self-initiated research, internship research project, higher-degree research [MSc, MMed, PhD])

Young researchers are strongly encouraged to visit the ESHRE or ASRM website for guidance on how to write a high-quality abstract (https://www.eshre.eu/ESHRE2020/Programme/Call-for-abstracts/Webinar; www.asrmcongress.org/presenters).

Queries regarding abstract submission may be addressed to the Secretariat on Tel: +27 31 368 8000 or email  KerryF@turnersconferences.co.za.

Abstract submission template (PDF) (Word)